Disruptive Elevation

When you discover that the light at the end of a tunnel is really a train, you can either let the train run over you or go for the joy ride of your life! Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes gives an honest heart-to-heart about self-revelations and lessons learned after the life she had perfectly curated disappeared. She gives an intimate view into her decision to stare adversity in the eye and ride a wave of failures all the way to a brand new life! Stephanie lays out the case for using the largest disruption in your life to create the next and highest version of yourself. Disruptive Elevation—when life does not go as planned, but goes exactly as it should, is a conquering surrender to embracing the possibilities in life. When you lose everything, you have nothing to lose! It is the perfect intersection between who you could have been and the you that was meant to be.Written in conversational style and sprinkled with occasional rawness, Disruptive Elevation—when life does not go as planned, but goes exactly as it should, weaves a story of how to survive the biggest Humpty Dumpty moments of your life.

Deciding On Joy

Deciding on Joy is the Self-Help book for women who have experienced a breakup and need to create beauty from the ugliness to decide that they deserve the new life that awaits them! Deciding on Joy is Lemonade meets Eat Pray Love! Written on a magical terrace in Rome, Italy, it takes you on a journey of devastation, discovery and the determination to be joyful after heartbreak and loss. Like a shot of vodka and bold cigar, Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes shares her story straight with no chaser! An attorney and business coach by trade, but writer and poet by heart, she expertly weaves a roadmap for healing, rediscovery, and transformation beautifully wrapped in her personal story after the devastation of divorce after 21 years of marriage.